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    Melbourne Sliding Gate Experts

    Sliding gates are great at providing security and convenience for your place of residence or business in a small footprint. They reduce the risk of bumping into vehicles and pedestrians when operating and are ideal when you don’t have much space to work with.

    Great For Tight Spaces

    When dealing with limited space or obstructions around your access point, sliding gates might be your best option.

    Small Operating Footprint

    Because they slide along the fence-line, sliding gates take up minimal space. It also reduces risk of bumping into vehicles and pedestrians.

    Not So Quiet

    With more moving parts, these gates tend to be noisier than swinging ones. This may be an issue when choosing gates close to offices or bedrooms.

    Not Always Practical

    The installation of floor-tracks may not always be practical, and they will require regular maintenance to keep them free of debris.

    The Right Solution For You

    It’s important to thoroughly analyze your particular needs and your available space before you decide on your gate solution. At I Gate Automation we can help you design your ideal gate for your property and integrate them into your total security system.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is better, a swing gate or a slide gate?

    This comes down to the available space, slope of the terrain and your aesthetic goals. Sliding gates are less accident prone as swing gates move in an arc toward vehicles. A dual swinging gate is more appealing to some and if you do not have room for a sliding gate, may be your only choice.

    I have an inclined driveway – is a sliding gate right for me?

    Most people with inclined driveways adopt is to install a sliding gate; one that either slides to one side of the entrance or a bi-sliding gate where each gate leave slides to each side of the entrance. Much will depend on the space available at the side of the entrance.