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    Melbourne Gate Automation Experts

    Automated gates have been increasing in popularity in recent times as Australian homeowners recognise the benefits and value they offer. These range from enhanced safety and security for your property, convenience and privacy (no more getting out of the car during Melbourne’s unpredictable weather to open the gate) as well as increasing the value of your property and saving on the cost of your home insurance.

    Making Life Easier

    Automating your existing gate will make your life easier and safer for your family.

    Swing Or Slide

    Both swing or slide manual gates can be automated. Our experts review your gate to design a solution.

    Improve Security

    Addition of electric locks ensures the automated process does not compromise your home's security.

    Improve Efficiency

    In a commercial setting, automating your gate will improve employee efficiency and performance.

    The Right Solution For You

    It’s important to thoroughly analyze your particular needs and your available space before you decide on your gate solution. At I Gate Automation we can help you design your ideal gate for your property and integrate them into your total security system.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    My gate drags on the ground - can it still be automated?

    If a swing gate drags on the ground and is difficult to open, making it automatic won’t solve the problem. To solve this, the gate must first be repaired so it opens freely before it can be automated.

    Can I Automate A Gate Myself With A Kit?

    Many people have bought DIY kits off the internet and have spent days trying to get it to work without success and not being able to get hold of the seller for advice or support. Some have eventually got their project working only to experience accidents as the gates close on vehicles shortly after they thought everything was finally finished! Invariably people who start a DIY automation project end up engaging a professional installer – DIY often proves to be false economy as so much can go wrong.